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The Story

Once a morning in Steam Valley Forest .....
Lukas is standing in front of his house. It seems to become a nice day.
Itīs also the first day in spring, winter is over, and so he decided to make a walk to the roundhouse.
Maybee he meets there his old friend Sam.
Sam was not only his friend, he has also driving with Lukas as his heater on the steam engines for several years.

But whatīs that ? The way to the roundhouse is blocked by a group of burning bushes.
The Mupfings in his near made a fire for warm up, and some wind blows the fire to these bushes.
What should he do now?
Speaking to Mupfio, and he told him to use a water stone to put the flames down.
And Lukas remember: In a dungeon near his house he saw something shining blue through the bushes,
but he could not reach it. And the burning stone he found, was too much hot for putting in his hands.


Luckily Lukas find some gloves in the near of Kaliris house, which one of the mupfings has lost.
And with this gloves hoe can take the burning stone and throw him onto the bushes in front of the
dungeon behind his house. So he can take the water stone and free the way to the roundhouse.

And indeed he meets Sam in front of the roundhouse. But Sam forgot  his keys for the roundhouse, and he asked Lukas,
if he would go to Kaliri for getting the keys from her and bring down to the roundhouse.
And so Lukas do .....


But the door of Kaliris house is closed. So Lukas must wait until evening to meet and speak to Kaliri by
the lantern in front of her garden.
And at morning he can walk with Kaliri through her garden, and so reach the back door of her house.
And this door is open.

So it is the easiest thing to find the key and bringing to Sam. You can enter now the roundhouse, and then
going on to find Willie the gate keeper at locomotive graveyard, where he is repairing your first steam engine.
But Lukas must going back to Sam for getting the repaired coupling rod, for Willie can finish his work.



Once done so, Willie opened the Hall of Train. An now Lukas can get the finest steam engines and
Waggons Steam Valley ever had.
So the adventure can start. What would happen in future ?

This will become Chapter two: Building up Steam Valley again.

Let you surprise .....