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a railway adventure - build up your own world

Game instruction:

The Game is played with a controller. If you still have no controller, you can also play with the keyboard. By the play start a controller is automatically recognised.
If no controller is connected, the control is activated with the keyboard.

Spielen mit Controller:

You need a customary USB device, with joystick, 4 badges on the front side and other 4 badges at the back. If you have a PS3, you can use, e.g., their controller.
The badges on the front side are indicated in the play. The respective actions which you can explain are faded in.

Driving with an engine:

Standing in front of the right door, you can enter the engine with Then you can drive with and slow down with

When your train is standing, you can change direction with For leaving the locomotive push

For coupling waggons, drive slowly to it. If your tempo is ok, your engine will stand automatically at the right position.
If you drive too fast, your engine will be pushed back.

For coupling stand between the waggons and push Note: Whe starting the game, you must drive a little bit for coupling activated.

The turntable will work with , and change direction with

When standing on the locomotive, turn the camera with the joystick. With button you can change camera position behind your engine.

All engines have a cruise control. Press by holding at the same time, it will be activated.

Press once more, it will be deactivated.

It will also be deactivated, when using brake.
Driving down a hill, you should use brake or cruise control.
If not, your train will run faster and faster, and can leave the rails. And that´s Game Over.

On turntable the engin must stand in the middle of it, you see it at the green light. Then you can turn the turntable.

The Menue:

Open menue with use for saving the game, and for leaving without saving.

With buttons and  you change the menue by turning right or left.

With joystick you can navigate to the items. Then choose with auswählen. Of cours, at first you must find the items :-)

Locomotives and waggons you will get from Willie the gatekeeper.
he is living in the house behind the roundhouse, and also he has the keys for the Hall of Train.
There you can look for all engines and waggons finding here in Steam Valley
and also buy from Willie.
So you have to find many coins in this game :-)

Lukas control:

With joystick you can walk to every direction. With buttons and you can turn the camera
Note: Turning the camera, Lukas is turning with the camera.

Using button you can set the camera behind Lukas.

When walking you are able to run with jump

Briefly touch , Lukas will run automatically and can also jump with

But be care of where you are jumping ... maybee it´s not good for your
health :-) You will see ...

If the camera is behind Lukas, hold pressed, and then change camera position by using the joystick. Press once more,

the camera is going back to her originally position. Try it out.

Note: This does not run, when Lukas is standing in front of something.

When standing, press for look around. Then you can turn the camera with joystick, and zoom with and 


Playing with keyboard:

If no controller is connected, you automatically play with the keyboard. With "W" there runs Lukas, with "A" and "D" he turns to the right or on the left.
You serve 4 badges on the front side with the keys "I", "J", "L" and "M". Then the badges on the screen are also marked with the suitable letters.
You serve the rear badges with the arrow keys. The both under the badges correspond to the arrow keys right and left, the upper badges to the arrow keys up and down.