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Time Express - The Legend of Steam Valley Express

Timexpress is at first a railway simulation, but also it will become an adventure.
Get your first engine and your first waggons, drive through different levels and explore your own world,
help to build up Steam Valley ... there will be many things you can do.

Something about the game

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Once a long, long, time ago .....
..... not to far from here .....
A blossoming country, the people there are living in peace and freedom.
The railway supplied them everything they need all over the land to the smallest villages.
But bad times are comming .....
Dark powers, prisoned since primeval times, are escaped.
The way to the mine had become blocked, which meant there was no way to get coal to fuel the engines.
Without the engines no longer driving. There was no way to get the Wood and Stone for building and repairing the towns.
This also meant there was no Oil for light the lamps and lanterns. And so plummeted the world into darkness.
But perhaps its not to late to resstore peace and freedom in the realm again.
All you have to do ... believe in it.
Are you ready for your quest ?

So it begins.

Of course, it is a railway simulator on the one side. You are able to do more or less everything
what you can do with a railway also.
You can put together your own trains, hang them on any locomotive and drive off with it.
Your world is absolutely open, you can stop everywhere, leave the train, driving on with the next train,
the carriages uncouple and get other carriages, and still something more.
In addition there is a company work with a turntable, so you can leave all locomotives in the roundhouse.

A full train

On the other side you can explore your world, however, by walking from level to level. You find a sword, you can find Items,
a village rebuild, and still something more. Still many things are planned, in the topical release yet
are included.

The Caste of Mupfensein

At the moment you have a railroad engine and three carriages by which you can try out the game
If you are out from the company work, you have two levels in which you are able to drive round. In addition it is
entrance to the freight depot and to the locomotive cemetery.

One of the steam engines three waggons

There are topically already some level more, moreover, already some locomotive and carriage, in the topical release
yet are not included. This comes later.

You can download for free a trial of this game. It is a Beta-Version and still under construction.
Use on of the following links for download:


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    The Story
    how to control the game / english
    Spielsteuerung / deutsch
    Game videos